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Advertising with appsfire

As a quick follow up to our experience with iAd, I wanted to do a quick post about our experience promoting one of our apps with appsfire‘s appstream app. I connected with the awesome folks over at appsfire as a result of the attention our iAd post received, and agreed to run a campaign on their advertising platform to see how the results might compare.

apppstream is an app discovery tool for the iPad that feeds off of the appsfire system to help you find apps that might interest you. Their advertising slot is along the right margin of the app and prompts the user with a “You may also like…” message and a brief description of the app. We ran an ad for our My Recipe Book app on their platform for 9 days and had the following results.

  • 120k impressions
  • 1346 clicks (1.12% click through)
  • 141 purchases (10.48% conversion rate)

I would attribute this much higher conversion rate to the fact that the advertisements are showing within an app who’s purpose is finding new apps. So the fit is really natural. I would definitely recommend this platform for anyone looking to get a little more exposure on the iPad. Plus, the people I worked with there were amazingly responsive and generally great to work with. [More Info about appsfire]