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iPad Apps

iPad Apps

We have created several great utility apps for the iPad. Here is an overview of all of them.

Just PDF is a great app for reading PDF files on your iPad.  It has Dropbox integration,  and you can manage files through Dropbox, Safari, iTunes, or Mail.  It also features VGA dock connector support so you can easily display your document with a projector or external monitor.

Thumb Drive makes your iPad the perfect mobile companion.  It supports PDF, Keynote, Pages, Numbers, Excel, Word, PowerPoint and many more files.  Easily add new files to your iPad for offline review.

MarketMood is a great stock market visualization app.  It gives you a quick visual overview of how the market is doing throughout the day.  It shows realtime performance of the stocks in the S&P 500.  Each square represents one stock, and the colors indicate how that stock is currently performing with both daily percentage change and realtime trending shown.

MultiTask lets you keep up to date with the latest happenings on Twitter while you get the latest news from your RSS feeds while searching in a fully featured tabbed browser.

Tabbed Browser is perfect for all the web browsing you do on your iPad.  It provides a great way to keep multiple web pages open at the same time.  Each page gets its own tab that you can easily switch between.

RSS Browser lets you keep up to date with your RSS feed while browsing the web with a fully functional tabbed browser.

TweetBrowser lets you see everything happening in your twitter feed while you browse the web with a fully functional tabbed browser.